Bowling Bash 2020 Results

Bowling Bash 2020 fell to  COVID-19, but the spirit of giving and community support lives on… Thank You!

  • March For Meals 2020 raised $47,486!
  • Bowling Bash 2020 raised $28,189

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Top Bowling Bash Fundraising Teams

Grand Prize Winners Aktion Club raised $17,370 (picture taken 2019)


Top Team #1 Stinging Nettles Raised $2,970 (picture taken 2019)

Top Team 2: Gutter Snipes raised $2,350 (no picture available)

Top Team 3: Alleygators raised $989 (picture taken 2019)

Top Wii Bowling Fundraising Teams

  1. Chandler’s Square raised $2,990
  2. Wii Smarts raised $1,512
  3. Wii Belles raised $640  

Gift Basket Winners

Basket Number Name Winner
#1  SHOP TILL YOU DROP!  Betty Korntweat
#2  Movie Night In Irene Pedro 
#3  Taste of Mexico   Gracie Ibarra
#4  Stay-cation   Ivar /Curt Johnson
#5   Days End Print M. Love 
#6   Day on the Water Ester T. 
#7    For the Love of Wine Barb Smart
#8   Italian Flair Gail LaFleur
#9   All About the Hawks Flo G. 
#10    Knowledge is Power M. Casey
#11   At the Park Pat Raser
#12  Happy Hair  Sally Y
#13    Garden Box Merilee
#14    Majestic Stay-cation Virginia S.
#15   Pamper Yourself  Sharon Hannah
#16   Big Boy’s Toys  Verla Haye
#17   Children’s Adventures Through the Years  Drone Thomson
#18    Healthy Eating Linda Koch
#19  Dining in Anacortes Diane Love
#20    Family Fun at Home Helen McCully