Delivering A Difference

A Meal, and So Much More!

Skagit County Meals on Wheels provides a wonderful and much needed service– hot, nutritious meals, prepared and delivered daily during the week by caring volunteers. This helps to maintain good health and increases the chances of our clients’ ability to remain in their own homes.  These quotes of gratitude from a few of our Skagit County clients certainly reflect the difference Meals on Wheels service makes!!

  • Anne

    “The people who volunteer to provide my meals are irreplaceable in my life. They are a huge part of the support I need to stay living independently… My thank you seems so small compared to all they do week after week for me.”    — Joan

  • “I want to thank all the volunteer drivers and sub drivers for Meals on Wheels delivery! Because of them I am able to stay in my own home and I can’t say enough or express to them how much this means to me. I always enjoy seeing their smiles and words of kindness and concern. They are compassionate and very caring. Thank you all!”    –A Truly Appreciative Senior, Janet

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  • “There really aren’t enough accolade words in the dictionary

    to describe what our volunteers mean to us. Sure, it is a wonderful thing to hear that doorbell ring every day – a warm meal delivered to our door, someone to check on us, to care. It means a lot, just in itself. But beyond that… it actually means that we can stay in our home, not move to an assisted living facility. …they are bringing us so much more than the meal of the day.  So, no, I can’t find the words to show our appreciation. Our volunteers make our good life possible. How can I find words for that? ”  –Anonymous

  • “What kind of price can you put on a smile ~ especially on a wet,

    cold, grey day? The seasonings sprinkled into our meals are the smiles, pleasant and happy conversations during preparations – these seasonings go on to touch our days and those we are in contact with during the day. Bless each and every one of them for their care.”–Leila

  • Happiness is cheerful volunteers bringing hot, delicious lunches each weekday; sometimes there is even a jar of homemade berry jam or a beautiful flower (or two). These kind volunteers give us the gift of their time from their own lives. Thank you, Meals on Wheels volunteers, for bringing to this grandma on Sunset Lane in Anacortes a ray of sunshine and a very “happiness is” that lasts all day.”–Agnes
  • Helen

     “A volunteer is someone who has plenty of tasks to do at home, but knows there’s somebody else in town that also has tasks but no longer the physical ability to accomplish them; so he signs up as a volunteer.”–Jane

  • “I have experienced the helpful people at the senior center and when I broke my arm and could not drive I was a recipient of Meals on Wheels for 6 weeks. What a help and the folks who delivered my lunch were friendly and always had a kind word when I answered the door. Thank you for your encouraging words and thoughtful deeds. Volunteers are great!”         –Anonymous



  • “Volunteers are worth more than any physical wealth, gold, silver, or even diamonds. They bring our meals with a smile and good cheer which starts the day off and with a hot meal also. They are indeed priceless. Thank you for all that you do.” –Anonymous
Oral & Buck
  • The volunteers are so precious. They don’t have to volunteer but they know the value of giving. The volunteers for Meals on Wheels should be shown appreciation for their time and energy to help this community in a wonderful way. I certainly am nourished and uplifted by their diligent effort. Thank you from my heart!                       –Anonymous

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