Meals on Wheels


Fighting Hunger And Isolation…

One Meal At A Time

Results of a recent study by Brown University indicate those areas where investments in community-based service networks are made, particularly home-delivered meal programs, proportionally fewer low-care nursing home residents are found. Intuitively, Meals on Wheels advocates have believed this service enabled seniors to stay in their homes longer, now the data is there supporting this belief.Skagit County is one of the few Meals on Wheels programs in Washington State delivering hot meals on a daily basis to seniors – most programs simply drop off frozen dinners to microwave. The daily contact a senior has with the Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers is welcomed one-on-one interactions that serve to ensure the client’s wellbeing, in addition to delivering a nutritious meal. All meals are provided on a donation basis, and there are no financial eligibility criteria. Skagit County has been providing this service to seniors for over 40 years.

Our ability to deliver hot, nutritious meals to Skagit seniors is only made possible through the support of our community. County-wide, approximately 300 volunteers prepare and deliver the food. Of these, 46 drivers and another 46 kitchen volunteers prepare and deliver food in Anacortes.

In addition to their time, our community donates to March for Meals – a fundraising program for Meals on Wheels.

If you or someone you know are interested in receiving services from Meals on Wheels, please call (360) 416-1500.